If you want to change to design, layout and appearance of your free WordPress blog then you simply have to choose a different template for it.  

There are numerous themes and templates available for free WordPress users.  Just select what you like and the software will automatically install the new theme for you.  

The content of your blog will not be affected by the redesign.  However, some of your widgets and plugins could be lost, so you need to reinstall them if you want these tools to be retained.

There are times however when the available themes and templates on WordPress are not enough.  In some cases, you may find them not suitable for the content of your blog.  When this happens, you can search for free WordPress themes and templates created by third party programmers.

There are literally thousands of customized WordPress themes you can choose.  Some could be purchased but majority of developers offer their customized WordPress themes and templates for free.  

Make a simple look-up for ‘free WordPress templates’ on any search engine.  You can surely find one that will be suitable for your blog.

Installing a free theme or template on free blog hosting service of WordPress could be quite difficult.  Some themes can only be installed if you are a paying member of WordPress community.  You can also edit your free theme however using the theme editor of WordPress but you need special knowledge in writing PHP language.  

If your blog is hosted on your own server, the task would be simpler.  Just upload the template file in your blog directory and it will be automatically installed by the software.  

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