Enrolling in a CCIE class can hold a lot of benefits for you, especially since there will be seasoned professionals who lead the entire group. There are many CCIE classes you can enroll in in different parts of the country, and the trick is to find out which one is nearest you. But no matter how near or how far certain classes are, they all run under general principles and operate under fairly predictable routines.

A CCIE class will usually have two seasoned experts leading everyone for a highly intense course that usually lasts for twelve days. Often called a boot camp, the CCIE class combines the highly detailed and well-structured lessons of topics such as Advanced Technologies Routing and Switching along with the realistic yet somewhat difficult CCIE Mock Laboratory Workshop. Here, students will usually spend an average of twelve hours each day in intense study as they learn all about and apply the different hands-on techniques when it comes to working with laboratory equipment, making them far better and taking them one step further in becoming a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert.

The different candidates of the class will then take their laboratory exam after two whole months of full study. The class will also be able to help many Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert candidates who may have already taken the actual Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert laboratory exam but did not pass and were required or recommended to go back to school and learn more about the advanced as well as the structured approach to the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. Laboratory Strategy. These candidates will find that the class will help enhance their knowledge as well as understanding of the topics at hand.

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