How to Pass the Exams for MCDST

The exams for MCDST were created to help the IT industry develop numerous experts competent in client and desktop support systems.  Successful passers of the MCDST exams will be able to handle critical support for the Windows based desktop systems of any enterprise.  Usually, those who have this certification are working as help desk professionals for online support services or customer care representatives that can provide on-site technical assistance for desktops running Windows operating system. 

The exams for MCDST have 2 core modules.  These modules are specifically created to deepen the understanding of entry level IT professionals on the intricacies of Microsoft’s XP operating system.  Having a solid grasp of the essentials of MCDST exam modules means that the support technician is knowledgeable in troubleshooting technical issues encountered by industry and home users of Microsoft Windows.

If IT professionals have vast experience working as help desk officers for desktops, then further training or courses would not be needed.  All they have to do is to take a refresher course and undergo simulated MCDST exams so that they can have an easy time during the actual test.  For new desktop support technicians, they can easily acquire experience working in PC technical support groups.  They should take a formal training from an accredited training institution and take numerous practice tests in order to successfully pass the two MCDST core exams.

After successfully completing their refresher or training courses, those who want to immediately get their certification should schedule their exams with Microsoft.  If they pass the qualifying MCDST exam, then they could get their certificates and it will certainly give them an edge over other entry level IT professionals. 

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