A training and study kit can be used in preparing for the MCITP Database Developer examination module.  This training kit is designed and published by Microsoft Corporation and could provide significant help for database administrators preparing for the exam.

The MCITP Database Developer module is ideal for IT managers responsible in designing a company database using Microsoft SQL Server 2005.  Getting a credential from Microsoft could improve the professional standing of any database administrator.  That’s because the Database Developer certification module will test the capability of administrators in configuring SQL Server 2005 and securing the database of the enterprise.  

To prepare for the exam, administrators can purchase the official training and study kit module of Microsoft.  This kit will provide all the tools and techniques in managing a database server running on SQL 2005.  There are also study guides in the kit that are designed as review materials.  

The MCITP Database Developer training kit is available on the Microsoft website.  It can also be found on popular online book shops and auction sites.  

For a more comprehensive training on MCITP Database Developer exam, IT administrators could take advantage of formal study sessions sponsored by Microsoft.  Certified database professionals will teach trainees on the different aspects of SQL Server 2005.  This is probably the best method in getting coaching services for the actual MCITP Database Developer exams.  

Those who want to study at their own pace can simply look for training materials on the Internet.  There are lots of free resources on MCITP Database Developer exams and study modules on SQL Server 2005.  They can download these resources and prepare for the exams without spending on formal trainings or exam study kits.

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