An MCSE logo can be used on personal documents such as business cards, credentials information sheet, resumes, and presentations.  Some HR professionals however advise against placing the logo on resumes.  It could distract HR evaluators on the important contents of the resume and may look too presumptuous.  On resumes, the MCSE logo can be placed on a page detailing the credentials of an applicant and it should not in any way command the first pages of resumes.

MCSE logos are provided by Microsoft to its certified professionals.  It can be downloaded from official Microsoft websites under the MCSE logo creators.  Microsoft also provides a detailed guideline in the use and placement of logos on formal documents.  The guideline is a downloadable document in PDF format and it outlines the restrictions, terms of use, and other important issues concerning the MCSE logo.  Only Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers can use the logo and willful misrepresentation do have its set of consequences.  To guide Microsoft certified professionals on the use of sanctioned logos, it is advised to download the file containing its terms of use.

Use of MCSE logo is one of the perks in having a certification from Microsoft.  It highlights the technical abilities of the user and shows competencies in systems engineering and management.  MCSE logo should be carefully used.  Certified IT professionals should avoid using it indiscriminately in order to protect the integrity of the MCSE certification process.  Improper use of MCSE logo can affect the prestige and honor connected with it.  At most, the MCSE logo can be used optimally by resource persons lecturing on systems engineering and administration.  The logo will signify that they are really competent in discussing such matters.

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