Let us take a look at the CISSP Examination Registration procedure.

There are 2 methods for CISSP exam registration. The first one is by online registration that is open only to those opting for credit card payment where you can register through the website of ISC2 located at http://www.isc2.org. There you will be provided with an online form. After filling in the required information, the ISC2 will get in touch with the examinee for confirmation.
The other type of registration is by fax that is always available for any other type of payment method aside from credit card. You can register for the fax option by downloading the registration form and faxing it directly to ISC2 after completion of the form. You can get the registration form by downloading the form from the NISER website  http://www.niser.org.my/cissp – or from the ISC2 website. Then send the form at +852 8226 7723 upon completion of the form. ISC2 will reach you to confirm the following registration.

All exam payments must be payable to ISC2. The registration form consists of 4 sections: Section 1 includes the personal information (name, date of birth, address, and other data) of the applicant; Section 2 covers the examination information (where you have to specify if it is for CISSP, ISSAP, or SSCP, or any other exam); Section 3 gives background information; and lastly, Section 4 is responsible for application requirements.

The registration form also includes registration fees that vary for every type of certifications. All fees are to be paid in US Dollars only. Fees are available for multiple, early and standard registration  if you register 16 days earlier than the exam date you get $100 discount.

The Exam Registration form also comes with an agreement, policy, and application agreement.

People who hold the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification are not confined to the United States for employment. Rather, they are employed in 126 countries all over the world. As of April 11, 2007, the certified-CISSP-member count reached to 48,598 people already (with majority of the certified holders, 30,385, working in the United States). They receive excellent pay. In the year 2005, a Certification Magazine survey showed CISSPs (ranked by salary) leading the list. In 2006, CISSP-ISSAPs with an average annual compensation of $114,210 and CISSP-ISSMP with $111,280 annual compensation were named as the top best-paid concentration certifications for that year. Considering that these figures are from last year, the annual compensation by year 2007 would surely have gone up. Certification is awarded to those who have undergone a CISSP training course and, of course, have passed the examination. The U.S. National Security Department has adopted CISSP as a baseline for their ISSEP program.

The basic requirement for a CISSP job is at least four years of direct full-time work as a security professional as work experience and a CISSP certificate. There are three job concentration areas available for a CISSP certificate holder, being namely CISSP-Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP), Concentration Architecture; CISSP-Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP), Concentration in Engineering; and CISSP-Information Systems Security Management Professional (ISSMP), Concentration Management.

All of the job positions available for CISSPs, no matter what the area of concentration, require applicants to have years of experience in security solutions. They are expected to support and maintain IT security policies, standards and procedures. Most of all, CISSP certificate holders must deliver excellent service to customers.


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