How to Qualify for the PMP Exam

The variations on the PMP acronym meaning may refer to many things. Some of them may stand for
Point to Multipoint Communication (PMP in Telecommunications), NAT Port Mapping Protocol,
Permanent Monitoring Panel, Perlman Music Program, Project Management Plan (which is also part of
Project Management), Portable Media Player (which involves the areas of Image, Audio, Video, DMB,
e-book devices and, Automotive Navigation System), Protected Media Path, and Project Management
Professional (Certification for Project Management Professionals) – among many others.

But for our purposes, the PMP in Project Management can be narrowed down to mean just Project
Management Plan and Project Management Professional (which are both included in the definition of
Project Management.)

A Project Management Plan normally discusses project execution systems that are included in the main
aspects of project management. These could be Schedule Management, Scope Management, Financial
Management, Resource Management for human resources (which may mean tools among other things),
Quality Management, Project Change Management, Communication Management, Procurement
Management, and Risk Management. The Project Management Plan is usually required by professional
Project Management firms and other large companies to ensure that the standard version of the Project
Management plan is approved in the early phases of the project and continues to be implemented until the
end of the project.

The other meaning of PMP could be Project Management Professional. It is a globally recognized
form of certification in Project Management. The PMP form of accreditation is managed by the PMI or
Project Management Institute. It is based on the PMO Examination Specification which was made by
PMI in year 2005.

You stand to receive the PMP Certificate if you succeed in passing an examination administered by the
PMI. The first step is to schedule an examination at any of the  Prometric testing centers. Examination is in
multiple choice format, and you may choose your examination time from a schedule that also includes
weekends and after working hours. Examinees are expected to complete the test made up of 200
questions (with dummy questions) in 4 hours with a minimal success rate of 60.5%.


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