The NAT device handles the IP translation of virtual network switches to actual external networks.  It is therefore responsible for the communication processes of the virtual machines to the outside network systems.  It uses sockets such as the API socket key to direct the flow of incoming and outgoing network traffic.  The VMware NAT specifically uses all the resources of the host network interface cards for this purpose.  It leverages the operating system of the host machine to communicate with all kinds of network communication. 

The VMware NAT will hide behind the host IP address and use it for its communication purposes.  However, there are times when the host IP address use will not work.  Users of virtual machines then can easily change the IP of VMware NAT to something more unique to it.  When changing the IP address, the virtual machines must be turned off in order for the new address to take effect upon start. 

The first thing you have to do is to open the manage virtual network tab on the menu.  A dialog box will appear which will allow you to reconfigure the subnet mask of the VMnet8 of the VMware network adapters.  The network option will now appear which will allow users to change the default settings of the virtual subnet mask and the virtual IP address.  After changing the range of the virtual network adapters, the settings can be saved by clicking the OK button.  The virtual IP now has been changed and it can communicate with external networks using this new IP address.

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