You can easily control posting of WordPress comments in your blog.  Controlling comments is important if you don’t want your blog to be deluged by spammers dropping links in your site.

If you’re using free blog hosting service, WordPress will automatically install the Akismet anti-spam plugin in your blog.  Most of the time, the Akismet plugin will prevent spammers from posting comments in your blog.

Once you log-in to your account you will see comments that have been filtered by WordPress and suspected as spam posts.  You can manually allow each posted WordPress comments or delete them from the list.

However, spam bloggers have many tools to circumvent the anti-spam feature of WordPress.  To bulletproof your blog from these spammers, you can totally turn-off or disable comments posting in your blog.

This is not good however because it is better to encourage blog comments from legitimate users.  Disabling such service will make your blog unpopular.

The best way is to activate the comments moderation tool.  This will allow you to review each WordPress comments posted on your site.  If you suspect that the comment is a spam post, simply delete the comment permanently.

You can also specify that only registered WordPress users can post comments.  This is not a foolproof approach but at least you will know that comment posters belong to the WordPress community.  If they spam your site, simple report them to the WordPress admin.  

It is easy to stop spam WordPress comments.  Just utilize the available tools provided by WordPress to protect your blog from spam links.

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