Sometimes, even with a team of Data Recovery Disaster specialists on your side helping out, it may not
be possible to foresee when Data Recovery Disaster will strike. Sometimes, it may seem like fate is
playing a cruel joke on you and Data Recovery Disaster occurs despite your best efforts. Can you
survive a Data Recovery Disaster event?

If you are a business organization hit by a Data Recovery Disaster event, one thing you do not need is
unwarranted publicity. This is because you need clients to think that they can trust you with their data and
their business. This is why many corporations hire PR firms to ward off nosy reporters who only see the
value of a potential story and do not see why corporations would want to shield themselves from
publicity. Until you have found out what caused the a Data Recovery Disaster event to occur, it would be
wise to keep the media at bay – once you know why the event happened and how you can prevent it and
other threats from occurring, then you can safely talk to the press (but definitely not beforehand.)

This means you have to exert all efforts to find out the true causes of the event. For instance, if your data
storage facility was hit by a fire, you should always get an investigating team that specializes in fire damage
to assess what the cause was. You might be unpleasantly surprised that arson could have been a factor –
possibly motivated by business competition. Or, if it seems like someone downloaded a virus into the IT
system accidentally, you may want to investigate the background and work records of that employee –
there are cases when disgruntled employees sabotage their employer and the organizational IT systems
deliberately. It is not paranoia if they are really after you.

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