Is it better to go to an actual class for CCNA training, or just to purchase some CCNA videos and train with those at home? There are pros and cons with both options actually.

If you go to a CCNA training institution, you have the benefit of being able to ask questions from your instructor and your peers in the classroom, so that difficult and complicated concepts become clearer to understand and you see the hands-on application in the laboratory set-up. The disadvantage with this is that you have to pay for the daily and upfront costs that come with classroom training. This means you have to pay for your tuition, transportation, food, materials, and other miscellaneous expenses.

A training video gives you the advantage of being able to stay at home and keep playing your videos over and over again until you get the concept and the skills being taught. This may reduce your costs considerably.
However, the disadvantage is that you have no one to ask questions if you do not get a concept or if something seems to puzzle you. That is why peer interaction is so important – your classmates may have an insight into a solution that was not apparent to you.

So what is the solution to this dilemma then? Well, one option is that you could sign up for classroom training and then buy the training videos to complement your classroom training (if you could avoid it that is.) But if you cannot afford classroom training, then it helps to join a social group where the concepts you are self-studying are shared, debated upon , and even improved upon. You could go online to look for these forums, and perhaps look through blogs by people who have gone on the training video route before you.

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