WordPress is a web logging tool that a lot of people are using these days. One of the most loved features of WordPress is the Trackback. Trackback is a WordPress feature that is used to build and create link, potentially generate huge amount of traffic to your web log site, and form relationships to the rest of the web loggers on the Internet. Moreover, a trackback is a method used by web loggers to keep other websites informed about the recent happenings on your web log. This may involve updates on your web log such as adding new entries to your web log or merely keeping it updated for your readers. So, how does a trackback work? If you are thinking about how you can use the WordPress trackback, you will need to use the special link that is being provided on the web log that you want to make reference to. More often, the trackback link will simply appear as a plain, normal, text-based link but at times, trackback links appear as a hyperlink. When this is the case, you will need to position your mouse pointer on the link and push on the right button and choose the “copy the link location”. But if you need to refer to two or more web log entries then you will need to copy the trackback link individually. You need to remember that prior to publishing your web log entry, you will have to inform WordPress that you need to have the trackback notice from them. This notice is the one that you will use on the trackback link so you can start sending your trackbacks.

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