WordPress blogs are already pieces of information. But what if these pieces of information have another information about them? Then that will be called as the WordPress bloginfo.

WordPress bloginfo is one of the most helpful features that WordPress users enjoy. Bloginfo displays different data about a certain weblog. These data are usually acquired from the information supplied by the user in his User Profile and the General Options from the WordPress’s Administration panels. The advantage of a WordPress bloginfo is that it can be used anywhere in the page template. Through this, it can be used to print a result to any web browser.

Some bloginfo that WordPress bloggers can supply are the blog title, character set, and blog description. All these are helpful in describing a certain blog whenever a prospect reader is searching for a specific topic. It will never be hard for the reader to search for the blog entries that they really need as long as the blogs were properly described.

WordPress bloginfo can also work for the bloggers’ advantage. It can be used to drive readers to their blogsites through properly describing their blogs. For example, creating the blog title should be related to the blog post or should be catchy enough to get the reader’s attention. Vague blog titles are usually ignored by readers. The blog description is also helpful in explaining what the blog is all about.

WordPress bloginfo is very beneficial as long as the blogger knows how to use it well. Through that, the blogger can have more readers, meaning, he can have better blog traffic.

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