When you are engaged into learning Virtualization or the Virtual Machine Software, you will have to ready yourself with how you can perfectly work with the VmWare tools.  Working effectively with the VMWare tools can generally create far better results. 

These VMWare tools are a bunch of add-ons and utilities that are used to help enhance the graphics side o the various operating systems that are being utilized on a single PC.  At a certain point, the VMWare tools also allow for both the main (host) system and the guest systems to fuse themselves together giving in a more powerful and stronger feature such as synching in the PC or OS clock, or a better and improved plug and play thing.

VmWare Tools come in different boxes.  There are VMWare tools that are specifically designed for Windows platform and there are tools which are working perfectly for Linux. Whichever you think works perfectly fine, the need to have a different tool based on platform is essentially useful. 

When these VMWare tools are properly installed on the PC, there is an attained better graphics performance and a lot faster drag and drop movement.  This is because the VMWare tools were designed to perfectly enhance the PC resources to a far better performance.

One of the few tips that you may find very useful is to understand the effective way to deal with the VMWare installer files.  Usually, these installer files are built onto the VMWare installer as image files or graphical icons for easy recognition.   

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