Azure DevOps

How widespread is your organizations implementation of DevOps?

Secure that your organization works with outside professional organizations/groups as related to the implementation of projects and initiatives.

Which team is the primary sponsor for setting up DevOps practices?

Safeguard that your process provides objective feedback and advice to the sponsors and the change team.

How to overcome change resistance to implement DevOps?

Be sure your workforce includes creating and implementing change management strategies and plans that maximize employee adoption and minimize resistance.

Have you adopted a DevOps approach or methodology in your organization?

Use of critical path methodology, risk analysis, and problem resolution to communicate schedule impacts and propose corrective actions through development and presentation of planning metrics to program and engineering leadership.

Why are other organizations moving to DevOps?

Facilitate teams in process definition, analysis, improvements and documentation across technology organizations using scrum methodology.

What are the main concepts related to DevOps?

Make sure the System Architect understands APIs, Back end systems, CMS, Search, Cloud and DevOps, and mobile first methodology and helps transform concepts to life using Agile framework.

Have an existing DevOps approach that works?

Make sure your personnel is responsible for change management methodology and frameworks for HR/COD related programs, innovative and future capability building while partnering with suppliers to support the work.

Are you or your team currently doing continuous delivery or DevOps processes?

Provide leadership, guidance, training and mentoring to implement test automation across project teams.

Are DevOps engineers infrastructure engineers?

Direct management of engineers/developers (on shore and off shore), DBAs, QA staff, product management, infrastructure and production support teams as well as technology partners and vendors.

Why shifting left is critical to agile DevOps?

Warrant that your strategy improve Infrastructure Operations processes, supporting technologies and roles to be more automated, agile and business focused.

How do you share your know how and best practices to help customers adopt DevOps and win?

Design and lead efforts to share knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices to enable internal (internal) customers to achieve business outcomes, drive consistency, and ensure data governance, risk, and compliance.

What does a successful DevOps operation look like?

Capture detail on (internal) customers technical issues and the solutions in order to create documentation to be shared with internal and external technical consumers.

How do you Enable Your DevOps Feedback?

Certify your operation is documenting and organizing feedback from (internal) customers, stakeholders, and other teams to help shape requirements, features, and products.

What was, or what would be, the main obstacle to implementing a DevOps approach in your organization?

Forward thinker with the finesse to anticipate and meet organizational and (internal) customer needs, including adapting work methods in response to new information, changing conditions, or unexpected obstacles.

Is your it organization prepared to implement DevOps?

Verify that your staff manages and conducts major business reengineering projects, including strategic plan development and implementation, and training program development and implementation.

What is the Best Team Structure for DevOps Success?

Be certain that your workforce utilizes reporting for business metrics to guide team member coaching and performance management.

What is the relationship between Azure DevOps and Azure DevOps?

Build trustworthy relationships with your (internal) clients and team through integrity and accountability.

Are you actively transforming your organization to a DevOps culture?

Develop stakeholder plans to support business strategy that are integrated across organizational design, culture, behavior and change management.

Which roles are DevOps stakeholders?

Confirm that your company partners with POS team, organization Programs and Services staff, Drug Data Management team, and other stakeholders to ensure clarity of roles and responsibilities, rules of engagement, and decision rights related to claims processing functionality.

What benefits did your organization achieve after adopting DevOps?

Interface so that your organization recommends updates to operating systems to deliver cost benefits without reducing production performance and availability.

Are the identified DevOps security challenges related to industry practitioners?

Recommend software tools and/or other solutions for technical challenges involving IT Security processes.

How do the Service Level Management processes of the ITIL Service Design phase map in a DevOps organization?

Drive the enhancement and use of Governance, Risk, and Compliance technology based tools to review, design and/or deliver services.

Why is continuous quality and testing maturity important to devops?

Eliminates errors before moving project to Quality Assurance by testing and debugging programs.

What types of risks are other organizations using DevOps exposed to?

Mitigate significant security risks, designs and implements strategies and programs to prevent and reduce loss of your organizations assets while driving cost optimization goals.

What is DevOps quality services?

Discover and communicate data quality issues to business users and Information Services (IS).

What is DevOps professional services?

Be responsible for ensuring the overall functional quality of the released product on all required platforms and mechanism.

How would you rate the importance categories of skills for your DevOps team member?

Make headway so that your strategy is utilizing vast amounts of data and proprietary artificial intelligence, Paid Media team members create and run brand marketing campaigns, including crafting messaging points, selecting, and negotiating with influencers for content, and optimizing campaigns for best results.

What does DevOps have to do with testing processes?

Participate, along with the Board of Directors, CEO and other members of the leadership team, in the formulation and execution of strategic plans, structure and processes necessary to manage the organizations current operational activities and projected growth.

What is the DevOps role when doing cloud development?

Have awareness of industry shifts and recently evolved areas of cybersecurity, network design/protocol changes, and application development (NIST Cybersecurity Framework, IPv6, Automation/ML/AI Improvement, Cloud Integration, Zero-Trust Architecture, Low-Code/No-Code Development).

How to become a DevOps organization?

Technical audience on cloud computing or related concepts (can be professional, educational, or personal work).

Which can automation support in DevOps?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Email Security, Next Generation Firewalls, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR).

How do you size up your organization doing DevOps?

Evaluate the Cybersecurity, Compliance and Data Privacy related performance of companies and develop plans for improvement and expense reduction in alignment with customer/industry expectations, your organizations size and sophistication, and technology ecosystem.

What is the most important thing DevOps helps you to achieve?

Describe the size of your organization and number and types of positions you have managed.

What are the roles in your devops organization?

Ensure your organization needs in depth understanding and involvement on Windows Active Directory Services including ADS, Group Policies, FSMO Roles, DNS Zones, Replication, PKI, Migration etc.

What are the underpinning principles of DevOps?

Public administration, municipal organization, program development and administration, municipal budget preparation and administration, strategic planning and operational performance management techniques, modern management principles.

How well is your DevOps processing working?

Establish processes to support the controls and ensure that privacy impact assessments and privacy by design principles are implemented throughout the organization with a specific focus on ensuring proper implementation of product features to achieve privacy by design.

Who needs release and DevOps engineers, and why?

Establish that your organization collaborates with database engineers and other scientists.

What is the relationship between cloud computing and DevOps?

Clarify demonstrated involvement in implementation or (internal) client facing relationship involvement.

Do you think DevOps Engineer is a valid role?

Meet with the team, and understand individual team member roles, including cross functional team members across CX, Engineering, Design and product teams.

How does the database fit into DevOps?

Certify your personnel supports database users with the user accounts and responds to user inquiries about access and user roles, passwords.

How do you foster DevOps so you can scale success across the business?

Talent Acquisition Guide and develop recruiting strategy and processes to effectively scale your organization and meet the hiring needs of your projects.

Do you have an initiative to implement DevOps?

Check that your process leads process improvement initiatives from inception through implementation ensuring deadlines are met.

What is the role of security professionals in DevOps/DevSecOps?

Make sure your workforce is working independently, in a Lead role, as an escalation-point and/or with cross-functional teams regarding high-impact cyber security solutions, engineer, build, and maintain enterprise security solutions that incorporate best practices for systems design, engineering and architecture of supported platforms.

What has been the most important impact of DevOps in your organization?

Ensure you have opportunities to innovate and collaborate in a leading organization that impacts individuals and businesses.

What attracts developers to DevOps?

Develop experience collaborating with channel partners, systems integrators, and third party developers to deliver impactful solutions.

What would DevOps be without improving the turnaround time for releasing code?

Ensure on time delivery of solutions without sacrificing sustainability, avoiding technical debt.

Are DevOps strategies right for your organization?

Develop recruitment strategies including identifying target profiles, organizations and institutions for outreach.

Why is DevOps important to information security?

Administer information technology (IT) principles, methods, and security products to protect and maintain the availability, integrity, confidentiality, and accountability of information system resources.

What percentage of your DevOps workflow implementations include security elements?

Cybersecurity analysts help make your (internal) clients more secure by providing guidance to improve their policies, configurations, cyber controls, and other elements that operationalize building a healthy and mature cybersecurity posture.

Have you talked to your DevOps people?

Make sure your personnel includes the creation of user interface, database design elements, security layer and the integration between multiple systems to provide outputs that can be directly or indirectly used by other systems.

Do you have the right tools to enable a DevOps way of working?

Make headway so that your team uses troubleshooting techniques and tools to identify products that are defective and follow guidelines in issuing service calls/contacts.

Should cybersecurity pros embrace DevOps or run from it?

Research and analyse cybersecurity issues and intelligence to generate ideas and produce a sequence of emails to connect with prospects.

What is it about embedded software that makes its developers so reluctant to adopt DevOps?

Secure that your workforce developers, Software Systems.

What is the business value of adopting DevOps?

Safeguard that your personnel is working alongside of the Solution Architect ensuring that you are building solutions that meet the business needs and deliver value to your organization.

What does it take to succeed with enterprise DevOps?

Liaison so that your team works to execute data quality strategies in line with the Boards business strategy and goals.

What do you believe is the most influential technology trend that is driving and enabling the use of DevOps practices and tools and why?

Track, monitor and trend multiple projects and programs for Innovation technology core systems, including instruments, components and software.

Does the conceptual model provide enough components for DevOps?

Integrate technical solutions and services with your Github, CI/CD, and build attestation systems to detect and mitigate the risks of third party vulnerabilities in OS and container components.

How mobile DevOps can make a difference to an organization?

Confirm that your organization is making a difference in a leading edge SaaS security category, protecting real organizations from material threats to the business.

How can the ops team work with the supplier in a DevOps mode?

Warrant that your operation is shifting power to the edge of current business models; your work carries high dependencies on AI/ML; cognitive RPA; enterprise social networks and advanced micro services orchestration.

What is your level of DevOps maturity?

Be sure your staff evaluating and reporting on the controls design, implementation, effectiveness, and maturity levels and working cooperatively with others and solicit input from the various areas of the organization.

How do you know DevOps is working?

Coach teams which have to be at different levels of Agile maturity.

What metrics show how DevOps is enabling modernization?

Use metrics to ensure training aligns to culture and performance.

Which of the DevOps practices is your organization planning to implement?

Key objectives of this roadmap are to implement appropriate practices ensuring ongoing protection of organization information assets and data while supporting overall strategic objectives of the business.

What use cases are most relevant to supporting DevOps at your organization?

Operate translate organizational level business requirements and use cases into architectural capabilities verified to meet the requirements.

What is the role of configuration management in DevOps?

Maintenance and Configuration Management for all Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools.

What else do DevOps specialists do?

Provide expert guidance and technical support to IT specializations regarding the requirements analysis, design, programming, testing, and implementation of existing and proposed data management systems.

What are the hardest skills to find to support your current DevOps/continuous delivery goals?

Be responsible for financial and operational oversight, governance, discipline and delivery of vendor operations to achieve goals.

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