Basically MIS or Information Systems’ goal is to efficiently gather, translate, store and  disseminate information to all parts of the company in order to facilitate a good and sound decision making at all levels. Information Systems is a system  that coordinates all the people, the technologies and all the procedures that are running the company. With all such aspects of the company coordinated, competitive advantage is created as wise decisions are made.  With the goals of the company in mind, information systems support managers and executives in making such decisions.

But Information Systems can be classified into several types. One of which is the HR Information Systems. In order to better serve the organization, systems are organized based on the functions of each. HR Information Systems revolves around the function and the activities involving the personnel, managers and all the employees. The management of HR Information Systems is very essential since employees include all the people running the company. It really involves the whole company as well. What it entails is hiring and training of people and assignment of jobs. So really it’s the whole work force analysis and planning. With the company well-managed through a well-managed HR Information Systems, the company will have better chances of succeeding. After all, having the right people in place is quite important for companies to gain competitive advantage. With the right human resource as assets, the company is really set for better performance and more efficiency. And HR Information Systems is the key to this.

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