The Microsoft Certification Information Technology Professional examination is sub-divided into different components and categories.  One of the categories is that which involves Support and Troubleshoot for Windows Vista Applications for EST or the Enterprise Support Technicians core exam coded 70 622.  

You can actually hurdle and ace this examination category by making sure that you have the proper preparation before taking it.  There are study guides that can help a learner exceed the examination and certification.   These guides can contain tips and techniques on how you can:

a.    Install and put the Windows Vista Operating System to the Enterprise.  This involves placing emphasis on the specific features and applications specified on Windows Vista.
b.    Properly get the method towards efficient configuration and management of the Group Policy that is exclusively embedded on the Windows Vista OS.
c.    Get basic troubleshooting steps to attain security and safety settings such as the proper installation on updates for the security software.  
d.    Efficiently provide setting up of authenticating, authorizing, and encrypting mechanisms that will help you have a better way to protect your system.
e.    Properly achieve the efficient configuration and troubleshooting the network client, the connectivity of the client, and the access to remote method.  
f.    Monitor and track system events such as errors on devices and drivers that may bring impact on the performance of the whole computer system.

These guides towards attaining a perfect and excellent result basically are the universal helpful tips that every learner needs because of the comprehensive and detailed specifications that they target.  

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