Ensure DevOps is integrating secure development best practices and methodologies into development and deployment processes; response and recover to security incidents using a standard workflow that limits damage and reduces recovery time and cost.

More Uses of the Hybrid Cloud Toolkit:

  • Make certain that your organization facilitates the development of strategic marketing and new business plans for all assigned partners to meet or exceed assigned business goals.
  • Drive private cloud (data center) consolidation and transition to public cloud while maintaining current slas and neutral budget impact.
  • Be part of the maturation from process optimization through to developing automation to support continuous delivery and continuous integration.
  • Ensure you understand and develop solutions for client needs, ranging from ETL, Data Warehousing, Remote access, and analytical applications support.
  • Assure your organization serves as escalation point for client support and troubleshooting, provides guidance and direction in resolution of escalated issues and/or complex production, application or system problems.
  • Warrant that your organization as part of the business development or program execution help clients comprehend the business and financial impacts and benefits of Hybrid Cloud adoption.
  • Coordinate: proactively demonstrate leadership by advising and sharing knowledge and expert opinions with subordinates, peers, and senior management.
  • Ensure your organization focus is aimed at sales opportunities versus accounts and is achieved by collaborating with partners to identify, develop, accelerate, up sell and close transactions.
  • Ensure you lead and contribute to the development, maintenance, and usage of deployment and task automation (OS, database services, virtual networks, or other platform services).
  • Manage work with customers to provide visibility and guidance around AWS Services account through regular Operational Service review and Reporting.
  • Confirm your organization develops technical and business relationships and integrates activities with others to ensure successful implementation and support of project efforts.
  • Be accountable for helping develop long term plans and set the direction for the Private and Public Cloud Ops infrastructure needs for your organization.
  • Establish working relationships between with other AWS account team members as Technical Account Managers, Business Development Managers and others to achieve the best result for the customer.
  • Initiate: together with internal technical and business teams, external partners, and customers, identify, build, and develop the customer facing and technical features of solutions to take to market.
  • Contribute to supportability engineering with product, site reliability, and engineering teams to improve product quality and reduce contact rate.
  • Establish that your organization makes decisions on moderately complex to more complex issues regarding technical approach for project components, and work is performed without direction.
  • Govern: review, advise and designs standards software and hardware build, system options, risk, cost versus benefit and the impact of on the business process and objectives.
  • Methodize: also advise on the shift of traditional it work from the it function to cloud enabled business users, customers, and ecosystem partners.
  • Be accountable for creating aspirational goals and partnering closely with consumer and revenue Product and Engineering to identify and execute on a roadmap that unlock capabilities for your partner organizations.
  • Ensure you approach problems with multiple solutions in mind, and quickly pivot when needed to better account for newly discovered data and insight.
  • Ensure you have programmatic leadership in place and accountable for Outpost driving partner enablement and collaboration with marketing, sales and other stakeholder teams.
  • Maintain ongoing review of assigned systems performance, implement improvement and expansion strategies, and provide consultation in troubleshooting client issues.
  • Be accountable for driving customer delight often requires a great variety of consulting flexibility, and your practice leads with application strategy consulting, application architecture, and data enablement.
  • Make sure that your organization provides planning, design, knowledge, leadership and implementation for the system strategy development, projects, initiatives and solutions.
  • Drive all technical design and execution activities for moving existing on premise infrastructure, server workloads, data and applications to the cloud IaaS and PaaS architectures.


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