Ensure your organization is a leader in security and compliance readiness solutions, and is helping enterprises in regulated industries accelerate the adoption of a hybrid cloud model and securely migrate and run the business and mission critical vmware workloads in the public cloud.

More Uses of the Hybrid Cloud Toolkit:

  • Provide technical leadership to project managers and stakeholders about migrating and transitioning applications to Cloud based services and operating and maintaining applications once migrated.
  • Establish a working relationships between with other AWS account team members as Technical Account Managers, Business Development Managers and others to achieve the best result for the customer.
  • Use your knowledge platform as a service offerings in the market, cloud application architecture and best practices, API management, Microservices, DevOps, Data Modernization and cloud integration suites to advise your clients on the hybrid cloud journey and multi speed IT .
  • Ensure your organization thrives on ensuring Information Technology Systems and business services Stability and Resiliency for world class operational excellence, to support a hybrid cloud based, modern delivery oriented fast paced, successful business.
  • Drive all technical design and execution activities for moving existing on premise infrastructure, server workloads, data and applications to the cloud IaaS and PaaS architectures.
  • Ensure you lead and contribute to the development, maintenance, and usage of deployment and task automation (OS, database services, virtual networks, or other platform services).
  • Be accountable for contributing to a high performing team that delivers consumable, standardized hybrid cloud infrastructure services and solutions (resilient, high quality, highly automated and up to date).
  • Be accountable for driving customer delight often requires a great variety of consulting flexibility, and your practice leads with application strategy consulting, application architecture, and data enablement.
  • Together with internal technical and business teams, external partners, and customers, identify, build, and develop the customer facing and technical features of solutions to take to market.
  • Design and set standards for setup related to computing, storing and securing environments while leveraging an infrastructure as code approach for a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Ensure you have programmatic leadership in place and accountable, driving partner enablement and collaboration with marketing, sales and other stakeholder teams.
  • Collaborate with other network architects to provide integrated network solutions that incorporate wireless and wired access, data center and hybrid cloud connectivity, remote access, and network security.
  • Security devops integrating secure development best practices and methodologies into development and deployment processes; response and recover to security incidents using a standard workflow that limits damage and reduces recovery time and cost.
  • Monitor key competitors in the areas of security and compliance enabling you to develop go to market strategy for the Cloud portfolio, tying it into the broader Hybrid Cloud strategy.
  • Be accountable for creating aspirational goals and partnering closely with consumer and revenue Product and Engineering to identify and execute on a roadmap that unlock capabilities for your partner organizations.


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