Hardware virtualization is a common practice now. This provides any physical computer to have a virtual machine capability. This technology also provides functions such as partitioning of computer memory or hard disk space. Hardware virtualization is also the term used when a certain virtual machine manager is being embedded in the hardware component’s circuits instead of being needed to be called up from any third-party application. Hypervisor is the thing that acts as the virtual machine manager.

The role of hypervisor is very essential to enable hardware virtualization. It controls the memory, processor, and other hardware components or firmware resources. It also ensures order through allowing many operating systems run using one device without the need of binary changes or source code. This is very important to enable hardware virtualization.

With hypervisor, one can create another virtual machine inside a single physical computer. Each of the operating systems in one physical computer will appear to have their own memory, processor, and other firmware resources. However, the reality is that the hypervisor is just working on to control the processor and the resources. It also allows allocation of requirement to each of the platforms. Hypervisor will enable the use of one physical computer to run or shift running from one operating system to another. This is great for individuals who need to use two or more platforms.

Today, hypervisor becomes increasingly in demand and it evolves with that demand as well. One can already see the future with lesser physical computer utilization and more of a virtual machine use. To enable hardware virtualization is cheaper, faster, and more effective compared to having various physical machines for various platforms. Thanks to hypervisor.

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