22.. the new magic number! – but for what?  The new ITIL® Certification scheme.  APMG have finally released the official ITIL® Certification scheme, which outlines all courses for V3 with their respective points value.  Why do we need to know the points value? Why is 22 the magic number?  Because once you have attained 22 points you are eligible to be and “ITIL® Expert”.


So – how do you get there… and why might you want to?  For those starting with the V3 material – it is a very obvious path where you complete a range of courses until you get the required 22 points and whammo – you are an expert…

If you are already V2 Manager certified, then your path is slightly different.  If you have Manager’s Certification, you already have 17 points – and will only have to do the V3 manager’s Bridging Course to get your extra 5 points to become an expert.  Easy, right?  


But why would you want to?  What are the benefits of being and ITIL® Expert?

Previously the Manager’s qualification was enough and definitely an asset to any prospective job.  I am unsure however, just how the expert will fare in the business world as a recognized qualification.  I do know the goal was to eventually place a qualification up there with Diploma status – but the term diploma has implications in certain countries…


As for me, I see it as more of an intrinsic motivator – having a deep understanding of V3 – I can truly see the value in completing the V3 manager’s Bridging course when it comes out – and as a natural outcome – become an “expert”.  The benefits to my profession and to busineses would well be worth the effort.


And then… that elusive, as yet under development “advanced level” (hmm – similarities here between diploma/expert, advanced level/advanced diploma….)


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