Can’t choose which Self Assessment Guide you want to utilise in your business? Not sure which subject would suit your business best? Why not get a couple? Each Standard Requirement Self Assessment Guide is unique and offers different questions to test against.

Or perhaps you want to combine some of the questions for multiple Self Assessment Guides as that suits your organisation at the moment? Just purchase a couple of related Self Assessment Guides and use the combined questions in the phases.

Each questionnaire has a few hundred questions. Some are standard process related questions that are appropriate for the topic, other questions are specifically written for the topic at hand.

Every Self Assessment Questionnaire follows the same structure – the 7 phases:

Phase 1: Recognize the value

Phase 2: Define what this topic means within the context of our business

Phase 3: Measure how we currently manage this topic

Phase 4: Analyze our findings

Phase 5: Improve the processes and implementation

Phase 6: Control the deliverables and results

Phase 7: Sustain the practices into the future

And remember:When a question doesn’t make sense in your business context – you can skip it. This doesn’t impact the overall rating and results of the assessment. What is important that by going through the list of questions, you have to think about them and make conscious and educated decisions on if and how you answer this specific question… that’s where the true value lies.

Want to have a look at the different Self Assessment options we currently have on offer? Make the journey to our online store, you’ll be amazed!

For clients who have needs for multiple Self Assessments, or for Enterprise requirements we offer volume discounts and enterprise purchasing options. Contact us for more information or to request a bespoke price list.