Top technology trends are impacting how organizations compete, yet approximately 75 percent of companies are underprepared
Business innovation is increasingly being delivered via software Rapid pace of change and the digitization of business drives the need for agility
Organizations that effectively leverage software innovation outperform their competitors… yet few are able to deliver it effectively

Think LEAN about their software delivery process
Market shifts require a fundamental change to the way businesses approach the development lifecycle
An approach for continuous delivery of software-driven innovation
By adopting a DevOps approach, organizations can seize new opportunities and gain competitive advantage
IBM provides expertise across the DevOps lifecycle
New capabilities to enable a DevOps approach  Enterprise capability for continuous software delivery that enables clients to seize market opportunities and reduce time to customer feedback
Focus on Develop and Test Collaborative Development practice
Grand slam tennis events
Collaborative Development Single, integrated platform for agile, mobile, cloud & traditional development
Unify across a diverse environment; disciplines, platforms and tools, while freeing up the team by automating manual, time-consuming and error-prone tasks.
Integrated software design for broader collaboration and traceability, and lifecycle adapters for connecting with third-party tools.
Optimized support for mobile, SAP and IBM WebSphere Application Server
Integration with the IBM Mobile Platform (Worklight).
Extend the value of existing tools with capabilities and compilers optimized for IBM middleware and hardware platforms.
What is required to deliver end-to-end visibility across teams, tools and projects?
Focus on Develop and Test Continuous Testing practice
Major U.S. insurer
Improving software quality by making integration testing more Agile

Demonstrating measureable results and business value
Focus on Release and Deploy Continuous Release and Deployment practice
IBM acquires UrbanCode
UrbanCode delivers Continuous Release and Deployment:
Drive down cost by automating manual tasks, eliminating wait-time and rework
Speed time to market by increasing the frequency of software delivery
Reduce risk through increased compliance of application deployments.
Enabling clients to more rapidly deliver mobile, cloud,
big data analytics and traditional applications
DevOps Capabilities :: Product Capability Portfolio
IBM DevOps Approach :: Quality Quality Proven Solution
Key take-aways
Two major challenges:
Removing waste/friction to drive project velocity
Infrastructure complexity -dealing with existing systems of interaction
Adopting DevOps
Accelerates delivery
Balances cost, quality and risk
Reduces time to feedback
Start with the business and IT initiatives
Find the bottleneck, the waste and friction in processes
DevOps is a journey to win/win success -incremental adoption

New capabilities to enable a DevOps approach  Products

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