IDC Virtualization: Moving Towards Zero Downtime

Virtualization has become popular and it has become the trend today because it allows individuals and companies to fully utilize their resources. The technology is being implemented on networks, servers and storage devices. But so far, it has been most used in servers where it has been implemented from the biggest UNIX servers to the smallest server. Virtualization has become a means for consolidating resources, reducing space and power requirements and reaching a wider scope of one’s IT system.

IDC, being a premier global provider of IT solutions and services, has gone beyond the uses of early virtualization. It has developed IDC Virtualization 2.0 which promises more sophisticated and quite relevant tools for a more efficient resource utilization and allocation. It enables high and continuous availability of resources in one’s IT infrastructure. It also allows disaster recovery in hosted clients.

One thing IDC virtualization addresses is the problem and the costs of downtime period among IT systems. Downtimes periods cost companies great amounts of money from the lost opportunity to the cost of recovering their system. And so what IDC really looks into is the virtualization of servers so much so that they can be backed up, copied, replicated and even mobilized like a file. Another thing that IDC sees important is the ability of IT personnel to implement live migrations. With the two capabilities taking effect in virtualization, downtimes would surely be eliminated. Resources would also be properly allocated. And they will be done so with minimal costs from the company.

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