No matter which type of products or services your company offers, the Information Technology department plays big role in the success of the company. The technology behind the development of the product or the delivery of the service is a crucial part in the business’ daily operations. For this, the application of IT governance principles can be used as a means to control the outcome of the IT-related tasks to ensure the success of a particular project. However, despite the many benefits of IT governance, there are also corresponding challenges which should be overcome.

One of the primary challenges of IT governance is how to encourage individuals to adapt to the changes which should be implemented. This is especially true for small business establishments which have been around for a long time. If the employees are used to the old way of completing tasks without the need for proper documentation – this would prove to be quite a problem. If people think that an extra step or two that they need to do is a complete is a waste of time, then the solution is to build value and make them understand that the old or shorter way of accomplishing a task is not necessarily better. Another challenge is how to do away with the traditional way of finishing assigned tasks. By applying IT governance principles, you can stress the financial benefits to the company of a new procedure that needs to be implemented. It is also important to take one small step at a time, monitor the progress and envision success. By following these simple solutions, you can definitely overcome the challenges to IT governance in no time at all.

Information Technology or IT governance is a mixture of overseeing the technical side of a company’s operations and performing managerial tasks. It may be quite difficult for an IT manager to be expected to handle a team of individuals in order to finish a particular project. This is where learning about IT governance principles comes in handy. With IT governance, an organization can easily set boundaries for the effective management of the IT resources and manpower. The monitoring of the effectiveness of IT-related decisions can also be performed. Now, the IT governance challenges lie in the fact that an organization and its members may not be adaptable to change.

If, for example, an IT manager implements a new procedure of processing data, the challenge is to make the employees understand that the new procedure is better and easier all the way round. What if some individuals complain that they are ‘used’ to the old system and they would not like to utilize the new one? The way to overcome such an IT governance challenge is to build the value of the new procedure. By letting the users understand that the new rule will benefit and improve the business as a whole, they might be more resilient to change. All in all, the most ideal way to overcome IT governance challenges is to make the members of the organization understand that the way that they are used to doing things is not necessarily better from an IT perspective. Building value, communicating effectively and honoring the ‘old ways’ of doing things without being trapped in that box so that you can be more adaptable to change are the ideal ways to overcome IT governance challenges.

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