The Enterprise Content Management is a very effective process that needs an equally effective tool which will be used as a tool to help achieve the product desired.  There are specific characteristics of the software for it to qualify as a good and effective partner of the ECM.  Below are some of these characteristics:

a.    The software must be as robust.  The enterprise content management is fundamentally containing robust processes.  This means that the software that will help perform the process should have robust and strong features as well.  
b.    The software must have distinct features about document handling.  Since enterprise content management is driven by its vision on how to effectively handle and manage documents, it is essential that the software has the capability, strong enough, to make sure that documents are properly managed and handled.
c.    The software must have distinct features that involve properly organizing data.  Some of the created software packages were designed towards specifically organizing documents and records.  
d.    The software must have a strong feature to allow collaboration.  Collaboration is the ability to fuse varied works to be performed in a single platform.  A software to be used in enterprise content management must be able inject this distinct capability on its own engine.  

These are just some of the essential characteristics that an effective software must possess.  These requirements may vary and change depending on the kind of process that the enterprise content management engine is going to deal with.  It is a known fact that a business is driven by dynamic elements thus the software must be able to respond to these dynamic changes.

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