Confirm your organization approves identity and access management designs, plans, controls, processes, standards, policies and procedures in order to ensure alignment with IS standards, overall IS strategies and protecting the security of enterprise IT environment in support of your organization strategies.

More Uses of the Identity and Access Management Toolkit:

  • Confirm you understand and interact with related disciplines through governance to ensure the consistent application of policies and standards across all technology projects, products, systems, and services.
  • Provide thought leadership and drive technology aspects of solution architecture design, implementation, and operational activities as it relates to consumer identity and access management.
  • Ensure adherence to quality / security standards defined for the engagement Perform Trend analysis, identify top few incidents and work with respective teams/individual to minimize the incidents.
  • Provide advice and guidance for IT security and user access related activities; ensuring customers are aware of key issues and able to implement correct procedures and protocols.
  • Ensure you lead identification and implementation of next generation IAM services and technologies leveraging industry standard technologies, risk management and best practices.
  • Identify and close consulting services opportunities in the areas of Identity and Access Management, Governance Risk and Compliance (IT Risk), and Cybersecurity.
  • Investigate and resolve access related inquiries, ensuring effective resolution in line with key controls and processes, minimizing business disruption.
  • Ensure your organization facilitates and/or participates in the design, development, and implementation of large complex technology solutions supporting one or more business and/or technology areas.
  • Be accountable for providing guidance and escalation avenues for the business unit based on understanding the business values, goals, work processes and workflows.
  • Audit: collaboration with technology and business partners across functions/processes to ensure alignment, understanding and ongoing communication on identity and access management controls, it risk management and regulatory/compliance requirements.
  • Devise: independently analyze requests to ensure proper separation of duties and least privileged concept is applied when granting access (across multiple, complex platforms).
  • Help develop and deploy Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions to ensure information security aligning with organization security requirements and guidelines.
  • Ensure your organization acts as a resource for internal and external staff performing design, analysis, engineering and POC for new Identity and access management (IAM) technologies.
  • Manage: monitor and drive enterprise identity implementation efforts across multi stakeholder teams (internal business stakeholders, technology development and implementation teams, business partners).
  • Manage internal and external peers, or other personnel to resolve identity and access management capabilities needed and/or delivered by a given solution.
  • Supervise: monitor and drive customer identity single sign on and multi factor implementation efforts across multi stakeholder teams (internal business stakeholders, technology development and implementation teams, external business partners).
  • Engage with and influence the many stakeholders and interested parties to ensure compliance, security and operational functional requirements are met or exceeded.
  • Ensure your organization aws identity and access management (iam) enables customers to secure workloads in the cloud by providing authentication and authorization mechanisms to all of aws.
  • Confirm your organization ensures identity management systems are highly available as part of the disaster recovery program along with the appropriate development, staging, quality assurance, and production environments.
  • Devise: design end to end features and systems for personnel identity spanning across the tech stack from infrastructure services and components to web applications.
  • Be accountable for building and maintaining relationships across the network of organizations to effectively deliver Identity and Access management activities on behalf of NIS; and.


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