Last blog, I “vented” my frustrations toward our beloved suppliers.  Today I thought I will cast my line in the great lakes of our users…(with love of course)


So if I had my way….

  1. Firstly – users will know how to use a computer…couldn’t resist that one
  2. Users would appreciate the hard work that Techies do, and leave bottles of beer at Christmas next to their pc’s….
  3. Users will understand basic pc language so you don’t have to listen to them tell you about the thingy in the whosit that has something broken….
  4. There will always be room under the workstation so we can easily access the desktop/ports, WITHOUT  having to fight our way through a myriad of shoes/bags/or early birthday presents
  5. Users will appreciate that there MAY just be something more important than their small incident (like the entire network going down)
  6. Finally – users will ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS ring service desk for support…. And only for serious incident related issues, and NOT call their favourite IT support person….


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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