IFS ERP: Not Just Functionality But Compatibility as Well

IFS (acronym for Industrial and Financial Systems) has provided reliable business software since 1983. IFS is known for its specialization on midmarket ERP applications for middle-sized manufacturing and distributing companies.

IFS prides itself on using open standards, and not proprietary formats, for its software. Proprietary formats usually result in incompatibility with other systems and dependence on just a specific system. Obviously, such an arrangement is not ideal because it limits flexibility and portability. But because IFS uses open standards for its ERP applications, the company can assure their clients that its products work easily with other kinds of software and technology with little to no compatibility issues. The result is that clients have the choice to utilize IFS ERP with other kinds of software to achieve their ideal business solutions.

IFS ERP is made of modules or components. This modular approach allows clients to customize the applications they get by picking out only the components that they need at the moment. Clients only pay for what they need by being able to specify the exact software suite they want. That sounds good, but it even gets better because clients can freely add more components in the future if the need arises, without disrupting the system already established by previously chosen modules.

IFS ERP’s modular approach helps clients create a suitable system for their businesses one step–and one component–at a time. This approach minimized hard-to-detect errors and makes zeroing in on inconsistencies much easier to do. Because of the efficiency of this style, other software companies are following the footsteps of IFS by creating their own component-based ERP applications.

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