Domain specialization for remote sensing, detection and estimation theories, morphological processing, speech processing, neural networks, electromagnetic and acoustic effects on signals, and utilization of signal processing with advanced computer architecture.

  • Be certain that your operation provides support to products throughout lifecycle from manufacturing to customer use by recommending engineering solutions to issues.
  • Collaborate with image quality testing engineers to optimize image quality and algorithm performance across a wide range of environmental conditions.
  • Apply rigorous statistical methods and analysis to data collected from a variety of sensors to ensure findings are complete and accurate.
  • Ensure you quickly dive into new technologies and make contributions in the field of image compression and processing.
  • Analyze complex problems and phenomenology with focus on developing machine learning models to process and understand signal data faster, more accurately and more efficiently.
  • Characterize the performance of remote sensing systems and relate sensor characteristics to the performance of automated and manual detection, classification, and characterization of targets.
  • Provide algorithm technical support during product demo and beta testing, work with domain experts from other functional teams on special customer engagement projects.
  • Manage work with software development engineers to understand the overall technical architecture and how each feature is implemented.
  • Be accountable for developing and advancing scene modeling and simulation tools for training algorithms on future imaging platforms under development.
  • Warrant that your project assess the performance of an imaging system in terms of the interaction of the various system components, and design user experiments for the purpose of understanding system design impacts or identifying optimal parameter settings.
  • Manage work with systems and probe engineers to design the data acquisition image reconstruction and UX/UI architecture.
  • Ensure you get to work on Agile Development Engineering teams, regularly support the transition of research and development concepts to highly complex operational systems, take part in proposal development and peer review across several divisions.
  • Develop and implement algorithms and code for analyzing large image data sets using image analysis algorithms.
  • Interpret and report testing results, and be a vocal proponent for quality in every phase of the development process.


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