Way back in 2006, the Associated Press made a report that discussed about Google website registration. The report said Google will adhere to the services given by the crowded field, which is to register website addresses in a step intended in promoting more usage of the leader’s free software products for online search. This is the very first time Google has joined into the Domain business.

The company, which is The Mountain View, presents its recent service in a partnership with eNom and GoDaddy.com. These two are among the many administrators that assist websites to formally register their names with domains such as “.com,” “.biz,” “.info,” and “net.” The report said that the service offered by Google will only require $10 fee each year and will only handle website addresses that end in four suffixes as what was already mentioned. The truth is there are 250 and above suffixes in the master directories of the Internet.

Now, those websites that have their domains registered through Google will be set up to function automatically with numbers of the company products, which includes Google Apps for the domains, e-mail, instant messaging, Google Page Creator, and calendaring. However, the configuration will not limit the websites to take advantage of other services offered by the rivals of Google such as Microsoft, Time Warner’s AOL, and Microsoft.

So anytime now, people can already add their URL to Google. Through this, they will be able to share their place on the Internet with Google. Individuals out there are actually encouraged to join here since Google constantly add and update latest sites to their index.

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