Just like in any endeavor, an act is considered successful if practices are performed the way it should be. In the organization’s application of knowledge management, organization should ensure that best practices are observed to realize an effective knowledge based management.

Knowledge Management is not only about IT but it is more about people. It involves the collection of data or information for recording. This information may be in the form of theories, processes and systems or voiced form of opinions, theories and analysis that are of helpful to an organization as it survives and expands. However, it is not wise for an organization to be stacked with this information, just like a plant it needs to be watered and fertilized. For organization with knowledge management in placed, is important to get updated through participation in knowledge management conferences.

A knowledge management conference is a forum where executives meet and share experiences in terms of strategic business and technology decisions towards improving their business streamlining operations and accelerating the development and innovation with their enterprises. Most often, knowledge management conferences provide solutions, tools, practices and strategies to businesses. One of the purposes of these conferences is to be able to identify challenging problems faced in the development of future knowledge and information systems. Included in the conference is a workshop that allows participants to interact.

Knowledge Management Conference is one way of an organization’s continuous check and balance of its ‘best practices in terms of how knowledge management is handled within the organization.

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