The Google Geospatial Solutions provide several geographic data and mapping services to be included on your websites.  Mapping and geographic data are important so that your customers can visualize your business.  The geospatial solutions of Google also help your website visitors to locate your business.

You can use geospatial services to improve website and business process performance. Here are some of the most important functions of Google Geospatial Solutions.  

First, Google’s geospatial solutions can be fully integrated into your public and commercial websites.  Visitors of your websites can simply access the interactive maps so they can easily find your offices.

This is very important for e-commerce sites that maintain physical stores.  Through geospatial solutions, customers will find it easier to transact with your company because they will be able to quickly locate your place of business.

Second, the Google geospatial services also allow you to organize geographic data and categorize them for easy identification.  So, if you’re doing a presentation on property locations for your clients, then the Google geospatial service can provide tools to visualize the property data you’re discussing.  

It can also be used to accurately present a property layout.  If you’re trying to clinch a deal with property developers, providing them with accurate sketches of the proposed location would be very convincing.  

Geospatial solutions also allow you to manage remote and field workers.  By annotating the locations of your employees, you can easily deploy them to answer a service call from customers.

Using the Geospatial Solutions of Google can improve not just the performance of websites.  The geo solutions can also improve business processes in order to increase productivity.

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