AdWords external tool is a standalone application that can be used for PPC or pay-per-click campaigns.  The tools that can be used for AdWords could significantly reduce the amount of work of online advertisers.  The AdWords tools will automate some of the tasks of the advertisers thus speeding up the work process.

The most popular and widely used AdWords external tools are keywords generators and keywords research assistants.  These tools will help advertisers in their keywords research in order to make their campaign faster to deploy.  The keywords generator tools finds and list the most searched terms and phrases on the Internet.  Some of the most advanced keywords tools for AdWords will also show the expected amount of bid for each ad unit.  

Page and site analytics programs are also important for an AdWords campaign.  The analytics application will provide concrete data on the performance of websites and ad units.  It has tracking capabilities that can also measure the effectiveness of the ads whether they are for CPC or CPM campaigns.  Analytics programs can enhance the business intelligence of online advertisers.  The programs can also be used to asses and evaluate the performance of ad units.  

AdWords landing page checkers and diagnostic tools are also important AdWords external applications.   These tools will check the integrity of landing pages as well as the structuring of ad units.  It will check the URL integrity of ads and the landing page.  Landing page diagnostic tools can also be used to check the optimization levels of web pages.  

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