Information system designs, for any type of organization, should integrate the overall fundamental information framework.  These fundamentals have two general components mainly the organizational information systems and the external socio aspect of the information system. 

Basically, a good information system design addresses the IT investments of companies first for their internal use. This would benefit the different layers of intra-organizational processes and speed up the accomplishments of tasks at hand.  The second component of IT investment, which is also very important in the information designs, must address external relations.  These include customer service, external corporate communication, and social responsibility.  The two component must always be part of any information systems deployments so that companies can develop in an all round way.

To ensure the success of the IT designs and investments, the general strategic approach should take into consideration several factors.  First, it must take into account the current hardware and software capabilities of the organization so that accurate plans of developments can be made.  This will serve as the backbone of the general design.  Second, companies must also take into account the people who run the IT infrastructure and information systems.  These are the prime movers of the overall design. Their capabilities as well as their appreciation of the design must be strengthened to complement any new developments that will have to be made.

In general, the information system design of a company will only work if it addresses both organizational and external business processes.  Companies also must ensure that their infrastructures are in place and that there are enough personnel to ensure its smooth operation.

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