Important Components of the Process Framework

Information technology has a lot of different aspects that can be quite confusing to the untrained eye and the inexperienced mind. As such, one needs a process framework which can be used in order to make better sense of the things that are part and parcel of such a highly technical industry. In enterprise architecture, the same can also be said. It has a lot of components that are interrelated even though they all seem to have their own specific characteristics that may come off seeming disjointed from the rest. One component of the process framework has something to do with software engineering. Here, the disciplined application of the principles of engineering, science and math, as well as the various methods and the tools one can use in order to intensify the economical production of high quality software come into play.

Apart of this, the process framework also makes some generous space for software engineering. This, on the other hand, is more action concerned than theory. In this sense, one can see that the various sets of activities that are part of software engineering are also required in order to transform the requirements of the user into the actual software itself.  The process framework, of course, can also have its own distinct definition which you can use in your work in enterprise architecture. The definition follows that the process can also be a framework in which many types of project-specific processes of software are readily defined. It is also a highly specific embodiment of the entire software process.

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