Landing page conversion is considered in the Internet marketing as one of the fastest as well as easiest methods to increase online sales without the need to spend more money for better traffic. But how can a company increase their landing page conversion rate and make it work for their own benefits? The answer is on the different and necessary components to increase the landing page conversion rates.

There are many components that have to be considered in order to increase the rates of landing page conversion like the headline, offer, lead, benefits, images, and the “look and feel.”

The “look and feel” pertains to the entire appearance and appeal of the certain website. Although some say that this is secondary to content, many prospect customers are still enticed by how a website looks and makes them feel. In fact, almost half of online companies lost their potential sales because they did not have the kind of “look and feel” that customers want. Meanwhile, putting on images to describe a product also helps on better landing page conversion rates because people like to see images and read captions.

Also, list of benefits should also be on the landing page so that the potential customer can easily read what he can have when the company’s products and services are purchased. Meanwhile, lead is the first paragraph of the landing page’s content. Therefore, it is the first part that the potential customer may read. The offer is also very important in increasing the landing page conversion rate since this is the main reason why the potential customer will purchase or a certain product or not. Lastly, the headline is the very first line that the visitors will read and will entice them to read on.

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