Important Considerations in the CCIE Exams

Passing your Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Exam can be a difficult thing, but only if you have no clue as to how the entire thing goes. While studying for the content of the exam will surely do a lot of wonder to help you get a good grade on it, you also have to know about the nature of the exam itself. That way, you will be able to figure out your best approach and save time when you actually take the actual test itself.

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert exam has a written exam component that is based on a computer. This type of exam is timed for a maximum of only two hours and has a run down of multiple-choice questions. You can take this exam in one of the hundreds of the authorized testing centers that can be found all around the world. Of course, passing the written exam is only winning the battle. To be able to win the war, you will need to pass the laboratory exam as well.

After passing your written exam, you will then be eligible to make a schedule for the lab exam. Paying and scheduling your exams can easily be done online through a test delivery partner. You will need to take note of your correct exam number in order to register for such. At the same time, remember to use the same candidate identification number to make sure that the results of your exam will appear in your own Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert profile.

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