If you are going to be tasked with evaluating software or that the very least testing it, you need to know what important questions you will need to ask yourself and keep in mind while you do the actual testing itself. For example, your primary question should always be: Is the customer going to find this a good product? While ‘good’ may be a very subjective term, it still helps put things in perspective once you find yourself evaluating the little details that make up the product. To be more particular, you may also want to ask as how do you go through the entire testing phase, how will this product make the customers’ lives a whole lot easier? In these questions, things that come into play revolve around one important thing: efficiency. You would want the product to be easy to use, so at this stage of the product testing you will check if the user interfaces are clear and simple and if the loading time is short and sweet.

When it comes to the nitty gritty details, however, you need to be stricter when you ask questions. For example, you need to ask yourself: Have I discovered and eliminated all the posing bugs that may be found in such a product? This is important because having bugs in your program will truly make the market crash. Just imagine giving such a product to a person who really wants to use it but then encounters a bug in the system. For fear of losing data and precious time, he decides to junk the product – and this is what you really want to avoid.

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