The WordPress category tool is one of the most neglected functions in most blogs.  Some create very arbitrary WordPress category without thinking about their future posts or blog content.  You can avoid this pitfall by carefully planning the creation of general categories in your blog.

First, when creating WordPress categories, you need to have a general idea what would be the direction and content of your blog.  If your blog is about Internet marketing, for example, then the most probable topic you will write is about affiliate programs.  You can now add this WordPress category and think of other topics that may be covered by your blog.

Second, do not build numerous categories all at once.  Remember, a WordPress category is a general topic area which can be used by readers searching articles in your blog.  You will just confuse your readers if you have so many categories.  The best way is to create a lean WordPress category list to really help your readers.

Third, you have to avoid assigning multiple categories for a single post.  As much as possible, each blog post should be placed on a single category.  You can assign 2 categories for each post but make sure that the post really belongs to those topics.  Your readers will not be able to accurately find what they need on your blog if you assign multiple categories to a post.

Assigning a WordPress category for each post is very important.  You have to carefully plan the WordPress category structure of your blog.  That’s because categories will direct readers to your blog posts.

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