If you want an all in one package to monitor your website performance, Google Analytics could be your best tool. Google Analytics is a free service but you can get comprehensive website analysis from it. It can also support multiple websites analysis.

You need to create a Google account to access the Analytics services. Once you log-in to Google Analytics, get the Meta code for your website. Paste this code on any page that you want to be analyzed by Google.

If you have multiple websites, you must use different codes for them. There is a drop down menu on Google Analytics page where you can list or add websites.

Once the Meta code is active on your site, Google will be able to crawl your site and generate performance report for you. You can see this report on the main page of your Google Analytics account.

Different graphs and data will be presented to you. You can easily see which of your pages are performing well. You can also see which web page on your site converts visitors into actual buyers.

To study the report, you can download a complete copy of it in excel file. By studying the Google Analytics report, you and your webmasters can make adjustments to your websites to improve performance.

Google Analytics is a powerful and comprehensive web analysis tool. If you’re maintaining a commercial website, you should use this service to get actual on-site activities and performance. Google Analytics will enable you to devise strategies to improve your websites.

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