This document explains the relationship between Transformation deployments, Managed Services and the staffing model
After reading this document, you will understand:
The importance of Transformation deployments as a way to get to Managed Services
What Managed Services is and the benefits it delivers
Next steps in the transition to managed services
The IT Partnership is asking for your help to make Transformation deployments successful
We want and need to work together with you on Transformation
There will be challenges, but we are committed to finding solutions to overcome barriers that delay completion
Scheduling Transformation deployments is one of our biggest focus areas
Shortened timeframes are putting pressure on the IT Partnership’ s ability to adjust deployment dates outward
In particular, we are asking for your help in scheduling Network, Desktop and Altiris deployments
These deployments are prerequisites to other Transformation deployments
Transformation deployment dependencies are extensive, and scheduling delays have far-reaching effects
Transformation deployments provide a number of benefits
Enhanced Standards, Processes and Measures: SLAs will measure performance and ITIL-compliant processes will provide standard for service
Centralized Network/Server Monitoring: Reduces the complexity to maintain and operate the Commonwealth’ s IT infrastructure
Centralized Help Desk: 24×7 support with consolidated repository of issue resolutions to benefit employees across the Commonwealth
Improved E-mail Functionality: Secured access via 24×7 Enterprise class MS Exchange environment
Improved Security: Consolidated Internet connections and automatic anti-virus updates and security patches
New, Reliable Hardware: Standard PC/hardware specifications reduces support calls required for older equipment
Transformation deployment dependencies

Technology Transformation is one of five paths agencies will follow in the transition to Managed Services
IT service delivery for the Commonwealth has shifted to Managed Services
A managed services environment
Adopts a more business-like approach to managing and delivering the Commonwealth’ s IT infrastructure services
Delivers outcome-based services, rather than pieces of equipment and staff hours, to meet customer needs
Allows the Commonwealth as a whole to gain efficiencies through shared resources and centralized operations
Standardizes processes using industry best-practices to improve the quality and consistency of IT service delivery across the Commonwealth
In the Managed Services environment, the ITP provides IT services through Transformation rather than stand-alone IT products
and proactively monitors and measures -manages – the delivery of services against a set of performance metrics
As technology transforms, the Partnership organization is restructuring to align to the Managed Services environment
Next steps
Technology Transformation
Meet with agencies to determine current priorities and scheduling constraints
Jointly establish transformation expectations and schedules
Assign required transformation resources to your agency
Provide regular feedback on status and issues
Agency Support for Managed Services
New agency facing roles will be introduced to support agency transition to managed services
Additional information will be available next month
Back-up Slides
Delivery of Managed Services started in July 2008 and will reach steady state in Summer 2009
Agencies get seven service offerings that include full maintenance and technical support

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