If you are stuck in a financial rut and have very good computational skills, you need not fret because there is a certification that will open the door to better job satisfaction and great monetary benefits: going the way of the six sigma. If you become a certified white, green, black or master black belt, you can certainly find your workplace a much more enjoyable venue to exercise your knowledge while getting highly compensated for it.

Six sigma jobs may shock you by revealing amazing annual incomes that will surely blow your socks away. A beginner six sigma professional may earn up to sixty five thousand dollar per annum. If this guy decided to up his credentials and take higher certifications, he can surely improve his salary by making it jump up to at least seventy five thousand dollars a year. If he continues to pursue such a line of work and gain very good experience and more certifications along the way, becoming a master black belt (the highest rung in the six sigma ladder) will allow him to enjoy a salary of at least ninety thousand dollars, year in and year out. In addition to the awesome compensation, you get a lot of job satisfaction because you are a leader in your company, a manager and a team trailblazer who leads the pack to success. Such things make many six sigma practitioners very happy indeed! For those who are looking to be in the same situation now is the time to get studying, get certified and get on with the hunt for a really good six sigma job.

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