The commonly held thinking on an increase and decrease is that the former is good, while the latter is bad. In the case of websites, increasing the visitors’ time on the website is definitely good. Of course, to say that it is profitable is half-hearted, as not all who linger buys, but as a whole, the more people who linger longer create bigger profit.

So how can a person make visitors linger?

Start Advertising

Always remember that a known website name, through advertising, is more likely to make visitors linger than an unknown website. That’s pretty simple today, especially with the use of Google’s Adwords, though using this could be very expensive.

Marketing the Website Itself on Other Forums

In this, there can be all sorts of forums, may it be Internet or not. It could be by word-of-mouth, or in using the Internet, through blogs or other websites that offer shout-outs or bulletin posts.

Owners of websites could get involved with people’s nnline groups, and on the whole, introduce his website and its products when the right situation is present. Just remember to be respectful and avoid being pushy as they might view the website in bad light and not visit it at all or stay for short periods of time. In this way, the visitors linger through the use of arousing their curiosity about the website.

And all in all, it is all just about spreading the word out to other people, in a way, that will increase their curiosity and make them visit it, and hopefully, stay longer.

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