The most problematic of all things is that people vary, and while there will instances that this is an advantage, in creating a website this could be a problem. The main idea behind websites that sell is to make them really sell. A pissed-off visitor is as likely to buy from an offending website as an elephant is to sprout wings and fly.

So what can the website owner do?

Stick to the Basics

In creating the website, the formula should always be towards profit and not a portrait.
There are two basic must-have’s in websites that should sell:
•    It must present the whole product in as short as a few sentences
•    And that the visitor/buyer must see it in good light.

In failing to do any of these, profit is not created. Remember, words that go for long ways off irritate the visitors, and they usually move off to other websites. The website’s products may be World’s best, but if it is poorly presented it will not be bought at all.
Of course, there’s also the website design to figure out.

In sticking to the basics, the design should match up with the products and to what visitors want to see. In doing this, the website should not really confuse the visitor with its features, buttons as well as colors.

Colors should not be hard for the eyes. Failing to choose the proper color effects increases the likelihood of visitors bouncing off for other websites. So by sticking to the basics, the website’s owner is guided by the product, which he wants to sell, and not by the appearance of a good portrait.

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