India s global plea: Stop Outsourced Jobs in India

Americans are not the only ones adversely affected by implications of outsourcing. Surprisingly, India has expressed its voice for America to stop this new workforce system, specifically outsourcing call centers that handle customer support. India is among the developing countries globally known for its outsourced service to first world countries, such as America and in Europe.

Over the years, India has gained optimistic reputation for its outsourcing call centers. They have created a skilled workforce that can fluently speak in English. And although India recognizes the benefits and advantages of outsourcing in the global market, but how it begins to cost their society depressingly results to more apprehensions and forthcoming thoughts as how outsourcing can completely change their societal norms and systems.

Indian skilled workers were trained so vigorously to speak American over the telephone that unconsciously and substantially they have become Americans. Indian community cannot help but to regard them as American immigrants resulting to a distinct pressure in their community, which consequently causes some structural changes in their society. Learned American attitudes, behaviors, and preferences are becoming more and more visible among this trained skilled Americanized outsourced workforce. They have become overly confident and reacting to almost everything and anything, becoming forthright in their words and actions in a community wherein respect and warmth are highly valued and preserved. Foreign products are increasingly patronized, their lifestyle eventually practiced. Such events seemingly manifest how influential and persuading first world countries can be, even to point of letting go of one s cultural heritage to embrace a new one.

Until now, Indians remain firm to their stand against outsourced jobs, and are doing their best to stop further changes this emerging workforce system may cause to their community, both their culture and economy.

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