Time management is the process of monitoring, analysing, and revising your plan until it works, procurement is the process of finding, acquiring, buying goods, services or works from an external source, often via a tendering or competitive bidding process, procurement methods consider that and balance multiple issues regarding costs, service and risk have evolved in response to the limitations and risks.

Strategic Chain

Strategic supply-chain planning that combines aspects of business-strategy formulation with aspects of tactical supply-chain planning can make each far more valuable to the planning effort than either would be alone, look beyond your internal procurement processes and focus on how well you know your suppliers.

Failed Services

Service are the activities related to maintaining the value of your products, services to your customers once such have been purchased, if your project has been launched before but failed for some reasons, most likely your team and other stakeholders have a negative mindset towards the failure; reasons can be addressed and a new project will have to be successful.

Incremental Management

Manage incremental costs that are unavoidable if nothing is done to solve a particular problem, and that may be avoided if a procurement action is taken, in terms of blockchain in procurement, a company needs to ask about immediate and tangible benefits of the technology for procurement management, interoperability with existing technology and applications, and if a company can change the transactional processing to more closely emulate a ledger-based methodology, furthermore, the core concept – viewing and controlling the procurement, manufacturing, and distribution processes as a unified flow – often requires that people at every level of your organization look beyond the narrow old rules that told them how to do their jobs.

For existing processes that have been shutdown for turnaround or modification, the employer must ensure that any changes other than replacement in kind made to the process during shutdown go through the management of change procedures, when managed well, organizations that have implemented procurement are way ahead in terms of overall product cost and time to market, as well as the productivity of the procurement team.

Ensure everyone involved in the procurement process understands the requirements and policy, sustainable procurement is used to ensure that purchasing reflects broader goals linked to resource efficiency, climate change, social responsibility and economic resilience, therefore, often management choses to do a strategic supply-chain planning exercise to assist decision making.

Efficiency in all types of activities can result in clear benefits to the entire process, from the procurement function to the accounts payable area, you can end up with a disconnect between the frontline staff and the senior management and it is very difficult to change that unless you have really thought through the metrics quite carefully and put a metrics plan together. Clearly, there is more to metrics than meets the eye, in summary, since purchasing is the total act of buying the goods and services that your organization needs to operate and, or manufacture products.

Always evaluate the risks of dealing with a supplier, especially if you have a complex supply chain, in addition, while having a procurement budgeting procedure in place is more effective than having none at all, it can still be difficult to maintain visibility into and control over organizational spend without an automated monitoring tool.