Build and cultivate prospective relationships by initiating communications and conducting follow up communications with team members in order to move opportunities through the sales funnel.

More Uses of the Influencer Marketing Toolkit:

  • Guide: leverage data and insights to make strategic decisions, updates and improvements to existing and future partnerships and campaigns.
  • Ensure you stand up and execute lifecycle and trigger marketing to predictively get influencers to next levels of growth in business.
  • Collaborate with influencers to compile all relevant campaign data, along with overarching learnings and insights.
  • Methodize: partner with the social growth team to integrate your influencer campaigns into each brands broader social strategy.
  • Evaluate: responsibly represent the brand and manage relationships with all influencer partners, talent managers, media and contacts at each social network.
  • Be certain that your organization performs influencer outreach to potential influencers to engage and consider opportunities and contract negotiations.
  • Manage to advise clients in relation to digital strategy visibility on social networks, content strategy, lead generation, etc.
  • Identify: you are able to brainstorm, build, and execute Influencer Marketing campaigns at scale while still delivering impactful content that surprises and delights fans.
  • Secure that your organization leads a team to integrate consumer and industry insights/trends in the digital/influencer space to better inform targeted strategies, plans and decisions for clients.
  • Identify opportunities and recommend strategies to increase quality and quantity of Influencer generated earned content.
  • Manage Influencer Marketing and branded content department staff, day to day work and overall professional development and coaching.
  • Determine relevant kpis and measure ongoing lift from campaigns; use analytical resources to prioritize and optimize brand efforts.
  • Manage content distribution across paid media and partner closely with your paid media and social teams driving a holistic marketing strategy.
  • Identify: profitable digital marketing organization with fifteen years of consistent growth as digital marketing innovators.
  • Manage to establish a retro planning of the various actions to be carried out with the multiple actors associated with the project client, influencers, third parties departments, etc.
  • Systematize: it also requires a major commitment to providing creative ideation for content on a consistent basis, working closely with the creative and content production team.
  • Continue to promote and support your brand vision and community goals with messaging across your influencer community to build deep, personal relationships.
  • Lead: partner with a creative team to develop a specific campaign or content briefs partner with the creative team to brief creators.
  • Execute end to end influencer campaigns from outreach and contract negotiations to content creation, content approval, and reporting.
  • Create necessary disciplines and clearly defined expectations resulting in the prevention of long term burnout and the teams overall success.
  • Methodize: craft a holistic growth strategy that scales your business to the next level through leadership, innovation, relentless obsession with execution and impact.
  • Manage to optimize partner relationships and revenue opportunities by recommending ways to improve promotion of campaigns.
  • Formulate: by embracing new technologies and pushing creative boundaries, you help your clients adapt and win in a constantly changing world.
  • Warrant that your organization as the influencers main point of contact, maintain timelines for deliverables, coordinate product delivery from brands to influencer and direct compelling content.
  • Oversee the operations and execution of influencer and branded content programs with the support of Influencer Marketing and branded content staff.


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