The two primary methods used to influence or manage demand:

  • Physical/Technical constraints e.g. restrict number of connections, users, running times
  • Financial chargeback e.g. using expensive charging for services near full capacity or over capacity quotas.

Every morning between 8:00am and 8:30am, approximately 1500 users logon to the network. At the same time, many IT services, batch jobs and reports are run by various groups throughout the organization.

Recently the performance of the IT infrastructure has been experiencing problems during this time period (e.g. taking a long time to log on, reports and batch jobs failing). Outside of this time, the IT infrastructure performs at acceptable levels.

What are some Demand Management techniques that could be utilized to address this situation?

Possible techniques:

  • Staggering work start times for employees
  • Prioritizing reports and batch jobs
  • Running non-time-critical reports and batch jobs at night or outside typical work hours
  • Restricting any non-critical activities during peak periods.
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