A website owner who are selling some services and products are probably familiar with Google Checkout sandbox. This is just one of the order processing systems provided under Google Checkout. To understand the concept more, a website owner must know the difference between the Google Checkout sandbox and production environments.
Google checkout sandbox is only a testing environment to see whether a website owner’s integration is not affecting real transactions. To avoid confusing the buyers, it is better to not show the sandbox in his Google Checkout.

Meanwhile, the production environment would allow the capture of funds from buyers when they have placed orders. The production environment can only be used when the testing of the Google Checkout sandbox has been completed.

How to Sign Up for Sandbox

1. To be able to sign up for sandbox, the website owner must first create a sandbox buyer account and a sandbox merchant account at Google. He must remember to create a separate buyer and merchant sandbox account because he cannot purchase items from himself.
2. The sign-up process for sandbox is the same as the sign-up for production environment. The main difference is that sandbox is a test system. Therefore, there is no need to enter real credit card numbers, social security numbers, or other information. The only requirement is to be able to give a valid email address as a username.
3. When a website owner has created an account for the sandbox environment, it doesn’t mean that he has automatically created an account for the production environment.

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